The Northern Lights And Other Wonders Of The World

The world is filled with exotic destinations, sights to be seen, trails to be tracked and tons of adventures to be had. However, when traveling it seems somewhat surreal that these aspects are even part of the world. The world is filled with natural places that are simply breathtaking. The Northern Lights is just one of these wonders of the world, we will delve into the beauty of this scenic sight and many others that simply need to be seen at some stage in this lifetime. After all, this is what living and exploring is all about. Read on to see and delve into the wonderful world of wonders we inhabit…

Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights can in fact be seen from multiple countries, it depends on your preference. Scandinavia and Iceland are the best bets and have the most to do other than simply seeing the lights. It all depends on the time of year. This display happens because of disruptions in the magnetosphere which occurs due to solar wind. This only occurs in countries of a high-altitude. They can display in many colours, greens, blues, pinks and even reds- the type of gas is what affects color. Sometimes it is oxygen and other nitrogen. However, the lights are not as colorful to the human eye, they are much paler.

Rio Harbour

Rio de Janeiro is home to many sites and attractions but its harbour ranks first on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. It holds the world’s largest volume of water found in a bay. You can actually take ferries from one side to the other or taxi across the bridge that connects the two sides. The famous statue: Christ The Redeemer, can also be seen from the harbour. Truly a majestical site with multiple things to do on either side.

The Great Barrier Reef

Known as one of the eco hotspots of the world, a biodiversity focal point, The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is not only the world’s largest coral reef system but it actually houses three thousand solo reefs and an additional nine hundred islands. Tourists and divers are drawn to this spot, people come from far and wide to witness the marine life- fish, corals, and other species found here to showcase the beauty of the reef and its inhabitants.

Victoria Falls

Found on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is one of the most magnificent water attractions and sites in the world. It is the largest Falls but not the tallest. You can see the falls from either country but many venture to ‘Devil’s Pool’, which is a low current pool right on the edge that you can sit in and see right over the edge- not for the faint-hearted that’s for sure. Additionally, you can bungee jump right over the falls- an experience of a lifetime. Both African countries offer great food and multiple tourist activities.